Welcome to Wellspring Therapy

Founded over 20 years ago, Wellspring Therapy has grown into one of the area’s largest private clinics. Our two modern offices have over 11,000 square feet filled with state of the art equipment and provide a pleasant and friendly environment for your rehabilitation. We have two guiding principles here at Wellspring—we care and we get results. Quality patient care is our number one priority and our primary focus is your physical and emotional wellbeing. We listen to your specific needs and develop a personalized plan of care so that you can get the results you want. All of our staff is highly educated and professionally trained. In fact, many have doctoral degrees and specialized credentials to provide you with the best care available.

  1. Longer

    Professional staff prioritize you

    YOU are our priority. We take the time to ensure that you are well cared for and that your needs are being met. Our therapists pride themselves on building lasting relationships with their patients so that they can better personalize each one’s plan of care.

  2. Affordable

    Most insurance plans accepted

    We accept more than 40 different insurance plans including Workers’ Compensation, Medicare, and PPOs. If paying for treatment is a concern, we will work with you to get an affordable price for care.

  3. Established
    Record of

    Glendale’s Best

    We have been consistently named the best clinic in Glendale by the LA Times/Glendale News Press. Known for getting results, we track patient progress to ensure patients reach their goals. We have successfully treated thousands in the LA area.

  4. Diverse

    Non-surgical, drug free pain relief

    We use multiple interventions and modalities to find the best, most effective treatment for you. Pain free and addiction free, our patients receive care that helps them feel better without any of the risks associated with prescription pain-killers and surgeries requiring lengthy recuperation.

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  • It is hard to improve on perfection.


  • Very friendly and competent staff. My arm is back to normal.


  • THANK YOU. There is something special about Wellspring. Your staff is well educated, experienced, and very professional. But there is more. They seem to care about each and every patient.


  • Your staff members are really true miracle workers. I have seen such a huge difference since beginning therapy.


  • I believe everything that could be done for me was done and done well. I can walk up to a ½ mile every morning and I’m very pleased that Wellspring helped me get there!


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